Best free video editing app for Android without watermark

Best free video editing app for Android without watermark If Are you seeking for a video editing app that provides you with all the tools you need to create incredible videos?

We do, however, have a special treat for you! With a feature-rich UI and a tonne of fantastic tools, it is a top-tier video editor app. Its straightforward yet effective user interface enables you to simplify your task.

Additionally, you may post your work on sites like Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It contains a tonne of features and tools that will enable you to edit your films in a professional manner. Numerous functions that aren’t seen in other video editors are included with it. This programme for editing videos has the following features:

  1. ideo editing features
  2. Trimming videos
  3. Filters
  4. Crop videos
  5. Add subtitles
  6. Add music
  7. Add text to videos
  8. Split videos
  9. Merging videos
  10. Adding effects
  11. Adding filters
  12. Adding transitions
  13. Making videos public
  14. Creating playlists
  15. Making videos private
  16. Making videos unlisted
  17. Making videos sticky
  18. Adding voiceovers
  19. Adding titles
  20. Transforming videos
  21. Adjusting the size of videos
  22. Trimming videos
  23. Rotating videos
  24. Adding stickers to videos

You’ve come to the right spot, as we’re going to provide the top free ad-free video editing applications for Android. Many programmes make the claim to be the finest free video editors, but in reality, they are simply ones that have watermarks or advertisements on them. Therefore, if you’re seeking for the best video editor, I can be of assistance. Here, I’ll list the top 20 unwatermarked free video editing apps for Android.

1. YouCut – Video Editor & Maker

It’s called YouCut – Video Editor & Maker. This app’s ability to modify videos without adding a watermark is its strongest feature. Additionally, you may crop and rotate images, add subtitles, and edit audio files, among other things.

For Google’s Android operating system, there is a new music player called Hangout Music Player – Free Music Player. It is entirely free and offers a wide range of features that will interest both casual and power users. Free YouTube Downloader – Free Downloader is a free tool that allows you to download YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4 format to your computer. The programme supports the most recent YouTube version and is easy to use.

2. Viddy

Because it offers the tools you can utilise to make your video editing process as simple as possible, this is the greatest video editing programme.

The ability to edit your movies with filters and effects and make original videos from start is the best feature of this programme. To start a new video project, you can import media assets from your library or record from your webcam and audio input devices. To create your own original material, you can also import text and photos. The ability to upload several films to your timeline and edit them all at once is the best feature of this programme. The built-in features can also be used to mix and cut videos.

3. Helium

Helium is the only video editor that can record both live action and still images, making it the greatest video editor. As a result, you may record videos in several formats and save them both to your phone’s storage and to the cloud.

4. Luma

For Android, there is a free video editing app called Luma. So you can simply add effects and filters as well as edit audio, video, and photo files.

5. MovieBox HD

Another excellent free video editing tool is MovieBox, which lets you modify the duration of your videos, add music, and more.

6. CamScanner

The amazing CamScanner app makes it simple to add text, stickers, and effects to your films.

7. VidMe

One of the best video editing programs is VidMe, which lets you add music and share your films on social networking sites and with your friends.

8. Goofin

One of the best free video editing programmes is Goofin, which enables you to alter audio files as well as add text to the video and give it a polished appearance.

9. Vine

Because it is the only program that lets you put a watermark on the videos, this one is among the best video editors.

10. YouTube

The greatest video editing app is this one, which is accessible on all operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. So, it’s simple to download this program, submit your videos to YouTube, and give them a polished appearance.

11. CamStudio

Because it is the only one that lets you edit movies, music, and photographs and add subtitles, effects, transitions, and titles, it is the greatest free video editor and is used by thousands of people worldwide.

12. PicMonkey

You may create and edit photographs using the free PicMonkey image editing tool. It is similar to Photoshop but easier. The programme has been updated to become an all-in-one image editor that incorporates functionality from other applications including Instagram, Google Photos, and Facebook. You can download it on iOS and Android, and it is both free and simple to use. What has Version 2.0 added? The app’s UI has changed in the most recent version, making it resemble more conventional photo editing software.

13. Pixlr

Pixlr is a potent photo-editing application made specifically for the web and mobile platforms. And it’s free. Pixlr is a potent photo-editing application made specifically for the web and mobile platforms. And it’s free. We all struggle with the same issue: we want to take amazing images, but we don’t know how. Pixlr is fortunately available to assist. It’s an intuitive web application and Android application that makes editing photographs quick and easy.


You can also utilise the text you wish to include at the start and finish of your video, to sum up. But if you’re seeking for a totally free tool, I believe iMovie to be the greatest option. You may post your works on Facebook and other social media sites via a variety of apps. Therefore, you need not be concerned that your footage would be lost forever.


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