Top 10 Best Apps For Android on Google

Let’s get started. I’m back with another post today where I’ll be talking about some fantastic Android apps. This article’s goal is to give you all the necessary Android apps that, if you’re new to the platform or simply searching for some freebies, you simply must have. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Best Apps For Android on Google:

1. WhatsApp (Free)

It is a fantastic messaging program with a variety of modes, a free social networking app, and a way to phone your friends and family without the need for the internet.

2. Google Play Games

You can play any game online for nothing at all thanks to this fantastic multiplayer games programme.


3. Facebook Messenger

It is a popular chat application that allows you to chat with your friends without the Internet Using your sim card.

4. Youtube App

If you are a video buff you should have it installed.

5. Twitter App

One of the most popular social networking apps that is accessible for free is this one.

1. It is very well-liked by young people and is simple to use.

2. Facebook Facebook is a different social networking tool that is free to use. You can communicate with your pals who are located all over the world with this software. You can send messages, photographs, or videos to your friends or share information about yourself.

Google+ 3. Additionally, this program is cost-free to use. Because it enables you to communicate with people worldwide, this app is pretty comparable to Twitter.

6. Spotify


Installing it on your phone is a must if you enjoy listening to music.

1. It is unpaid.

Google Chrome 2. The Google browser is incredibly well-liked worldwide. It is swift and light.

WhatsApp 3. One of the most widely used messaging apps is it. Chatting with friends, family, and coworkers is possible through the app.

Instagram 4. Users of the Instagram app can share images with their friends and followers. More than 1 billion individuals utilize it worldwide.

7. Flipkart

The ideal way to make an online purchase is through this official Flipkart app.

1. Using this software, you can effortlessly compare costs on a wide range of products from any location.

Google Play Store, is second the top website for game and app downloads. Even your preferred apps can be found here.

YouTube 3. In this app, you can do a lot of things including view videos, listen to music, and play games. The easiest method to stay current with all the news is to do this.

Instagram 4. One of the most widely used photo-sharing websites on the internet is Instagram.

8. Uber

The greatest app for calling a cab is this one.

1. Uber is incredibly dependable and safe. A cab can be ordered and delivered in less than 10 minutes. There are various packages available, including uberX, uberXL, uber black, uber, and uberSUV. These bundles are all priced differently. Beginning in the year, Uber

2. Ola It and Uber are quite similar. Additionally, it was initiated that year.

3. Ola is really dependable and safe. Additionally, it has begun offering its services in Bengaluru. Within 15 minutes of calling for one, you will have one.

9. UberEats

The Uber Eats official app lets you place online meal orders.

1. You have the option of placing orders through a web browser, tablet, or phone. Sushi, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and other cuisines are among the many foods available with Uber Eats.

Zomato 2. This is the official Zomato app, a platform for finding restaurants throughout the world. More than 40 million people use Zomato across 200 nations. This software gives users access to menus, reviews, pictures, and contact information for eateries.

Third, Domino’s Pizza International’s pizza delivery is offered by Domino’s.

10. Amazon Prime

The service provided by Amazon is the greatest.

1. I have a Prime membership and I don’t think I could survive without it. You should enroll in this one if you want to save money and gain a lot of benefits.

Hulu Plus 2. You should also use Hulu, which is a wonderful service. Many films and TV shows that Netflix does not have will be available for you to watch. For people who enjoy watching TV series on the go, this one is pretty decent.

App Lockers

Android is an operating system with multiple users. You can lock the device with a password if you wish to protect and secure your personal data. ‘Lock screen’ is the term used to describe this. The program is launched in the background to grant access to the phone whenever a user tries to unlock the device. The program is terminated and the phone is locked if the user enters the wrong password. As a result, you can alter the style and appearance of the lock screen on Android.

Custom ROMs

The ROM is the simplest way to fully customize Android, which may be done in a variety of ways. You have two options for Android firmware updates.


These are some of the most crucial programs that you will unquestionably require. These applications are quite awesome, so if you haven’t tried any of them yet, you should. The very best

One of the operating systems with the fastest global growth is Android. There is a good probability that you own a smartphone that runs the Android operating system due to its amazing features and functionalities that have completely taken over the market. Android,

is, as its name suggests, based on the Linux kernel, the essential part of the operating system. Since the Android operating system is open-source, it is relatively simple to modify it to meet your needs. So, adhere to this guide if you wish to learn some original and fascinating Android customizing techniques.


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