Zaman Park to be raided after Imran Khan go ahead in front of media

Police officials are searching commuters during snap checking as security has been tightened in the city to maintain law and order, at Sundar Das road near Zaman Park in Lahore on May 17, 2023. — PPI

According to Punjab Caretaker Information Minister Amir Mir on Thursday, law enforcement will undertake a search operation at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s Lahore residence with his approval and in front of cameras to capture “terrorists.”

Mir stated: “We [the interim government] have decided that] instead of a head-on collision, we will send a delegation to Khan sahab under the supervision of the Lahore commissioner.” Shahzeb Khanzada of Geo News reported Mir’s comments.

The minister had given the PTI leader a 24-hour window that ended at 2:00 p.m. today to turn over the “30-40 terrorists” who were housed in his Zaman Park property.

Mir reported that Mohsin Naqvi, the interim chief minister of Punjab, presided over a meeting where it was determined that the delegation would request an appointment from Khan’s staff and meet with him tomorrow after Friday prayers.

“They will get permission from him [Khan] in order to launch a search operation. As there are reportedly terrorists there, a police party of 400 officers will accompany the group, he said.

Khan had also requested that the police carry out an operation at his home, but he made it clear that they needed to have legal search warrants with them.

“If he does not permit the delegation to conduct the search, then we will decide our strategy, but for now, we will want things to be conducted in a positive manner,” the minister continued.

‘No plans’ to arrest Imran Khan

Although the minister assured him that everything would now be done in front of cameras, the PTI leader still worried that the police did not carry out the operation because they intended to “plant” people at his home and afterwards expose them as terrorists.

“Khan’s jokes shouldn’t be taken too seriously. How are we going to relocate 40 individuals there? He is making up his own words, the minister insisted.

The acting minister stated that there are currently no intentions for Khan to be arrested and issued a warning to him to stop spreading rumours about a potential arrest.

“Despite Khan’s cries, we don’t intend to arrest him. Even if we don’t come to arrest him, he will still be held by some other authorities. He should refrain from discussing his

‘We have arrested eight terrorists’

Before speaking to Khanzada, Mir reported that police had captured eight terrorists who were running from Zaman Park.

“Eight terrorists who were in Zaman Park have been taken into custody. We are looking into them and getting information from them, such as who might be hiding within the house.

He claimed that the 24-hour deadline made it easier for the police to apprehend these suspects as they started to leave Zaman Park.

“We refer to them as terrorists because they participated in the Lahore Corps Commander,” House.”

“We have information that some people involved in the attacks are hiding at the houses adjacent to Khan’s house.”

The situation at Zaman Park

Reporters were allowed to enter Khan’s home around 2pm, according to Geo News’ Azam Malik, who is on-site at Zaman Park, and they were free to go about.

Only Khan’s personal security personnel, according to Malik, were present at Khan’s home today. Previously ringed by barbed wire, the rooftop is now protected by bulletproof glass.

In addition, bulletproof glass has been installed in a portion of Khan’s meeting space.

He noted that nobody from the party could be seen at the security checkpoints in Zaman Park and that the 30 to 40 tents that had been outside Khan’s house the day before had also been taken down.

Malik added that there were 8 to 12 workers at Zaman Park, but when they departed, police arrested them, according to our sources.

“At this time, not a single employee is present at Khan’s home. There are only security personnel present, he continued.

The PTI chairman appeared to be in the mood for negotiations, the correspondent continued.


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